Campaign Charts is offline.

I have decided to take this site down for a bit, maybe longer. I apologize to anyone who was using it and found it interesting. My decision to take down the site was two fold. 1) I do not think it was widely used as a resource in the community. 2) When the servers moved to the East Coast some code changes would be required on my end to adjust time zone's so that it showed accurate data. Combine the two and I did not think it was worth the effort. Furthermore, there are persistent issues with latency on the CRS end as the campaign stretched into 50-60+ days which resulted in complete gaps of up to 2-3 hours of reporting data. The stats site would become too slow in order to support the volume of what I was trying to do, it wasn't sustainable. Another issue is that the stats site ( seems to be in advance stages of decay with regards to the accuracy of data it is reporting back (missing player names namely). Lastly - I was seeing that Wiretap (a web service on CRS's side that I used to power this site in many respects) was not reporting back accurate data, missing units namely. Combine that all together and it started to become clear to me, it wasn't worth the effort to continue this effort. Garbage in, garbage out as they say.

- Choad